Vicky’s world in bloOmpapers


Vicky Scott is a freelance illustrator based in South East London, where she lives with her boyfriend Chris and a lot of coloured paper! In 2004 she graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA Hons in Illustration. Since graduation she has worked for numerous greetings card publishers, as well as designing logos, t shirts, book covers and fine art pieces. Vicky’s work is inspired by the 1920’s, fashion, found images, humour, psychedelic 60’s art and often just pure fantasy. Her style is characterized by her use of silhouettes, organic forms (and cute animals!) and always has an uplifting feel. She works with a mixture of traditional paints, paper collage and fabric as well as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Vicky Scott es una ilustradora inglesa con gran talento. Sus diseños, que han sido exhibidos en galerías, camisetas, portadas de revistas y papeles pintados como los de bloOmpapers, son creaciones inspiradas en la moda de los años 20’s, pero también en el humor, las formas orgánicas y las imágenes psicodélicas de los 60’s. El trabajo de Vicky, disponible en nuestra web, no solo es muy maduro sino bastante original!

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