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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any doubt? We help you find the answer.

Please explain the pricing - I have seen other murals online which are cheaper
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Cheaper does not always mean better! Our bloompapers murals are digitally printed onto high quality non woven wall covering.

This type of wallpaper has many advantages and is far superior to the photo murals you may have seen elsewhere on the internet. Read on for more information about non woven wall covering.

How am I getting value for money?

Bloompapers murals are printed onto the highest quality, 150 grams per m2 wallpaper. This means that imperfections present on the wall will not be noticed when the mural is hung.

The resolution of the mural will always be top notch. Our murals are digitally printed, meaning that it will look incredibly real when blown up to the size of your wall. We always use the highest resolution images when printing our murals.

Our team provides a personalised service and we're dedicated to helping you achieve the best result for your interior space. Any specialised question or request? Unable to find an image that you want for your wall? Are you on a tight deadline before the decorators arrive? No problem!

What is non woven wall covering and why is it so great?

It's the most user friendly wallpaper on the market and perfect for DIY projects:

  • It's really easy to hang, you can even take it off and reposition it if you make a mistake.
  • The wallpaper doesn't have to rolled out and soaked - simply spread the glue onto the wall and hang your wall paper!
  • It can be cut into clean lines even when wet.
  • It's tear resistant.
  • It's significantly stronger than normal wallpaper and doesn't expand when exposed to moisture.
  • You won't see any seams when the wallpaper is hung.
Here's why you should choose non woven wall covering for your walls:
  • It's a breathable material which won't grow mould or mildew like other wallpapers, meaning that you can also hang it in your kitchen or bathroom!
  • It can be removed without soaking, even after years on your wall! It also won't leave any hard to remove clumps which need tools to remove.
  • It contains no substances which are harmful to health or the environment.
  • It's biodegradable.
  • It's washable!
  • It won't fade in sunlight.

The result? A product which gives you value for money and years of enjoyment.

Do you have shops?

Bloompapers is an exclusively online store. In this way we can offer you the very best prices!

What happens to my information?

Your contact details will be kept by Bloompapers and only be shared with third parties for order processing, ie. the transport company.

Your bank details will not be saved in our system after payment has been processed and for this reason you must re-enter your details for each Bloompaper order you make.

I have forgotten my password

No problem. When you type in your email address to purchase a Bloompaper, simply click on 'I have forgotten my password' and we will send you a new password to your email address.

What details do I need to make the Bank Transfer?

Bank: La Caixa, Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona

For euros Cta.: 2100 - 0592 - 93 - 0200241467
IBAN: ES42 2100 0592 9302 0024 1467

(For pounds sterling - GBP) Cta.: 2100 - 0592 - 96 - 7200303932
IBAN: ES10 2100 0592 9672 0030 3932

For US dollars Cta.: 2100 - 0592 - 96 - 7200304026
IBAN: ES91 2100 0592 9672 0030 4026

Your bank may apply additional charges for the transfer.

What are the various products you offer?

In we offer 4 different types of product.:

1) Made to measure murals. We offer you a recommended measurement according to the proportions of the image. If these measurements don’t work for you, you simply enter in your measurements and we’ll calculate the cost for you. It’s important to remember that the proportions of the original image can’t be changed, so if the measurements of your wall are of another proportion to that of the image, it could be that some of the image needs to be chopped. In this case you’ll be able to move the frame around on the screen to get the image that you like best.

2) Standard size murals. The measurements of these murals are fixed and cannot be modified.

3) Traditional wall covering. These are the traditional wallpapers that come in rolls. Enter in the measurements of your wall and we’ll calculate how many rolls you will need.

4) Your own image. As long as you have the image in the highest resolution and quality, we’ll be able to make a wall mural out of it! Send it to us by email and we’ll let you know if it can be done!

Why may I have to trim some of the paper?

This question refers to made to measure murals.

Bloompapers adapts the size of its images to fit your walls and each printed image is unique. The image comes in panels, each with a width of 46.5cm. This means that in order to print the exact size you require, if the width of the entire image is not a multiple of 46.5cm, there will be an excess of non printed paper which you should cut off.

For example, take a wall which is 320cm wide. For this width the image would be printed on 7 panels of 46.5cm wide. Although the image will be 320cm wide, the entire width of the wall covering will be 325.5cm (7 x 46.5), so you will have a white part left over which you have to trim. With a cutter and a straight edge, the process is easy.

What are the technical requirements for sending my own photo?

Any image that your have in digital format can be transformed into a magical wall mural! As long as the image complies with the minimum requirements in terms of size and quality, we’ll be able to print it. Send us your image and we’ll let you know! The cost of the image is 46€/m2.

Are the Bloompapers fire resistant?

Yes, all our bloompapers carry a fire retardant certificate. If you would like a copy of this certificate please contact us through

Can my bloompaper be hung on walls with Artex?

As with any wallpaper, your wall needs to be completely smooth to get the best result from our bloompaper. For this reason, walls with artex are not suitable for our bloompapers. However, we do offer a new product which can help disguise the artex, without having to remove it entirely. Please find the wallpaper following this link. It is a white, slightly thicker wallpaper, which you can use as a base before hanging your bloompaper. It absorbs the bumps of the artex, leaving you with a smooth wall. Clever!

How do I hang my Bloom Paper?

You can find the clear, step by step process by clicking on ‘Hanging Instructions’ on the home page or alternatively click below for the version. +PDF

What sort of wallpaper paste will I need?

We recommend a regular wallpaper paste which is apt for standard wall coverings. Take care to avoid wallpaper paste meant for vinyl wall coverings as they can sometimes leave a shiny mark on the wallpaper.

Do you sell wallpapering tools?

Yes we do! You can purchase one of our ‘Welcome Packs’ which contains wallpaper paste, a cutter and a brush.

What is the delivery time?

2 -3 weeks.

How does the shopping cart work?

All items that you have chosen are collected in the shopping cart. Once you have chosen everything you want to buy, simply click on the shopping cart icon and you will have the chance to view and modify your order before payment.

How do I order online?

We hope you will find that buying a Bloom Papers product is a very simple, stress-free process. After choosing the desired wallpaper and adding it to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon and you will be taken through various well indicated steps.

Enjoy the buying process, and don’t worry about buying something by mistake, it will be obvious when the purchase is about to be finalised.

How will I know when you have received my order?

You will receive a confirmation order letting you know that we’re now processing your order. When we ship your order, you will also receive an email letting you know that it’s on its way.

How do I pay for my order?

We offer you 3 payment methods:

1) Credit or debit card TPV

2) Bank transfer

3) Paypal

Simply select the payment method that you require and follow the instructions.

Don’t worry about your bank details – all the information is encrypted and sent straight to bank, we don’t see any of it. Your bank information will only be used for payment purposes.

Do you ship abroad?

Of course! We ship Bloompapers to all corners of the globe. The transport costs are calculated according to where you are in the world and the size of the order.

How are the Shipping costs calculated?

Spain (including Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) -> Free SHIPPING

- Canary Islands -> £12(iva incl.)

UK & mainland Europe:

- Orders over £150 -> Free SHIPPING

- Orders under £150 -> £8.95

Orders are sent using TNT courier service and can be tracked online from door to door.

USA and Canada:

- Orders over £150 -> £35

- Orders under £150 -> £45

Orders are sent using TNT courier service and can be tracked online from door to door.

Rest of the world:

- Orders over £150 -> £55

- Orders under £150 -> £75

Orders are sent using TNT courier service and can be tracked online from door to door.

What do I do if my bloompaper doesn’t arrive in perfect condition?

When you receive the package, first check that the packaging is intact and the goods are undamaged.

If you see any damage or fault in the wallpapers, please contact us without delay. We’ll resolve the problem immediately.

Can I return my bloompaper?

We can accept return of any bloompaper withhin 14 days of receipt of the package, except in the following circumstances:

  • When the mural has been printed from one of your own images, or from an image not found on
  • When the mural has been made to measure, or modified in any way from its original colour, design or format.
  • If you decide to return your bloompaper, please send us an email with your order number and date and we will send you instructions on how to proceed.
  • Please note that the product must be received in its original packaging and unopened. The goods must be sent with the postage paid.
Can I order a sample?

Of course! Choose the reference that you like and ask us to send you a sample.

What size do the samples come in?

Our samples are A4 size

Do you offer discounts for professionals?

Bloompapers offers a special service with benefits for all professionals in the interior design and architectural sector. For more information please consult the Trade Customers section of the website.